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Now is the time to enrich the rational efficiency of the buildings with the more human quality aspects of sustainability that are the most difficult to measure. The connection to the nature, the views, the natural lighting, acoustics, healthy materials and wellbeing in general are going to be some of the future big issues to create a healthier architecture. These issues will be developed in an environment dominated by technology and big data, where buildings and cities still have a very long way to go. Our interaction with buildings will be much more intense and architecture can benefit from it. To achieve this, we will have to learn to manage integrated projects with fields that now seem far from architecture, but we believe that this can be a thriving future for our profession.


Our work philosophy rests on the premise that best design can guaranteed from a completely integrated approach from the project conception to completion. We make ourselves stand out offering multidisciplinary tailored solutions for every client.


We focus on three different fields that mainly correspond to three scales of action:


1. On the Urban Design and Masterplanning projects we usually have to find a dialogue with the existing city and landscape. Therefore we apply strategic thinking methodologies and transversal management tools. We act as an urban think-tank offering an out-of-the-box approach, proposing unconventional solutions and unveiling hidden potentials connected with the essence and soul of each place.


2. On the building scale we mainly focus on corporate buildings and green architecture solutions. Our clients usually demand fresh and meaningful working environments for their innova­tive companies. We work hand in hand from the beginning, destilating their needs to choose the right plot, and we study their brand culture and DNA. The aim is to design a tailored project that sums a new asset for the business strategy and brand culture of these companies.


3. Finally, the smallest scale corresponds to all kind of singular designs, corporate showrooms, workplace consultancy, industrial design, furniture and design of temporary spaces. We love working with artists, sculptors and engineers that give us new insights of the contemporary world and we create together spaces with a soul. At this scale we have highest freedom to research on new materials, technologies and be open to peripheral disci­plines that enrich our practice.

Xabier Barrutieta



Founder & CEO



Xabier Barrutieta (1978) is an Architect graduated with honors that trained in Spain, Germany and Switzerland. He leads is own architects office and teaches in the fields of Project Design and Sustainability and has also been part of several research projects related with sustainable construction and urban design. He worked for the Basque Regional Spatial Planning Department and the Basque Architects Chamber in spatial planning and urban regeneration projects.


He established his own practice in 2003 and has collaborated with several international firms in the fields of urban and landscape design, architecture and ecotechnologies; teaming up with Arup and Foster+Partners among others. His work was selected for the Very Young Spanish Architects exhibit and has been awarded several prizes such as the prestigious Europan 10 Prize for European Young Architects.


The main fields of the office are NZEB & green building design, integrated sustainability solutions and urban transformation projects where applied innovation and careful design are the key to create forward thinking spaces.

He currently is an Associate Professor at the University of the Basque Country UPV/EHU in the fields of Sustainable and Industrialized Construction and Innovation Management.

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